Thursday, September 1, 2016

Uterine Cancer Awareness Month

Today marks the beginning of Gynecological Awareness Month. Throughout the month we will bring you information on ways to raise awareness for Uterine Cancer. The questions below have been posted before, however I see a lot of women asking what questions to ask and what to expect so I decided to repost this information. This information came from the West Clinic and a link to the direct page will be posted at the bottom.

Questions to Ask
Being educated and informed will help you make the best decisions about your cancer treatment. Get all the information you can as early as possible concerning your evaluation, treatment, and possible side effects. The sooner you know about side effects and possible treatments, the more likely you are to protect yourself against them, or manage them more effectively.
Your doctor and nurse are your best sources of information, but you must remember to ask questions. There is no such thing as a dumb question.  Don’t be afraid to ask anything that is on your mind.  To make the most of your opportunities to learn from your health care providers, read as much as you can and make a list of questions before each appointment. Also, ask family, friends, and your support team to help you remember the questions. These approaches will help you talk more effectively with your doctor or nurse. Finally, you or your caregiver should consider taking notes during your visit to ensure you remember what you learned.
The following are some questions, grouped by topic, which you may wish to ask your nurse or physician:
Your Cancer
• Do you typically treat patients with my diagnosis?
• What stage is my cancer?
• Is there anything unique about my cancer that makes my prognosis better or worse?
• Should I get a second opinion?
Cancer Treatment
• What is the goal of treatment?
• To cure my cancer or stop it from growing?
• What are my treatment options?
• How can each treatment option help me achieve my goal of therapy?
• What risks or potential side effects are associated with each treatment?
• What research studies (“clinical trials”) are available?
• Are there any clinical trials that are right for me?
• How long will I receive treatment, how often, and where?
• How will it be given?
• How will I know if the treatment is working?
• How might a disruption in my chemotherapy dose or timing affect my results?
• How and when will I be able to tell whether the treatment is working?
• What are the names of all the drugs I will be taking?
• Can I talk with another of your patients who has received this treatment?
• Are there any resources or Web sites you recommend for more information?
• What types of lab tests will I need?
• Will I need x-rays and scans?
• Can you explain the results of my complete blood count (CBC)?
• Are there tests for the genetic make-up of my cancer?
• Will I benefit from having my cancer evaluated for its genetic make-up?
• How frequently will I get the tests?
Side Effects of Treatment
• What possible side effects should I prepare for?
• When might they start?
• Will they get better or worse as my treatment goes along?
• How can I prepare for them or lessen their impact?
• Are there treatments that can help relieve the side effects?  What are they?  Do you usually recommend or prescribe them?
• Which risks are most serious?
• Will I require blood transfusions?  Why?
• How can I best monitor myself for complications related to either my disease or my treatment?
Protecting Against Infection
• Will my type of chemotherapy put me at risk for a low white blood cell count and infection?
• Can I help protect myself against infection right from the start of chemotherapy, instead of waiting until problems develop?
• Am I at special risk for infection?
• What are the signs of infection?
• How serious is an infection?
• How long will I be at risk for infection?
• What should I do if I have a fever?
• How are infections treated?
Daily Activities
• How will my cancer treatment affect my usual activities?
• Will I be able to work?
• Will I need to stay in the hospital?
• Will I need someone to help me at home?
• Will I need help taking care of my kids?
• Are there any activities I should avoid during my chemotherapy?
What to Expect After Treatment
• What happens after I complete my treatment?
• How can I best continue to monitor myself for complications related to either my disease or my treatment?
• What kind of lab tests will I need?
• How frequently should I get those lab tests?
• What types of x-rays and scans will I need?
• How often do I need to come in for checkups?
• When will you know if I am cured?
• What happens if my disease comes back?

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I'm Back!

I am back! Let me say that I am so excited to be back and active with all of our members. I missed all of you so much! I have to first thank my admins who have done a fantastic job while I was away you guys are so amazing! I am forever grateful for your support during this time. I started this group in 2008 because I wanted Uterine Cancer Awareness to get more exposure I have met so many wonderful people on this journey. My vision I had in 2008 is very much alive and I intend to finish what I started.

Since starting the Uterine Cancer Awareness page the number of women diagnosed has increased year after year. Over 50,000 women are diagnosed with Uterine Cancer each year and more than 9,000 lose their life each year to this disease. You may be the person diagnosed or know someone who was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer. We must strive to bring attention to our cause and awareness this horrible disease. My commitment to you is further exposure we must unite and come together to educate women on the signs of Uterine Cancer , coping with cancer, support, research, and life after cancer.

We are gearing up for Uterine Cancer Awareness month and would love to see the participation as we raise awareness throughout the month. I will have several updates tomorrow regarding our giveaways, so please email us(, tag us on Instagram(@uterinecancerawareness) or twitter(Uterine_Cancer) and even here wearing your apparel. I will be doing a few drawings this month so stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Camille Grammer Undergoes Surgery for Endometrial Cancer

Camille Grammer is recovering from surgery Friday after she was diagnosed with early stage endometrial cancer. 

"She underwent a radical hysterectomy today," her rep, Howard Bragman, tells PEOPLE. "The surgery went well and she is expected to make a complete recovery following a significant recuperation period." 

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hillsstar, 45, who has 
two children via surrogate with her ex-husband, former Kelsey Grammer, was at an elevated risk for cancer due to genetic issues, her rep says. 

"[She] has been diligent about regular checkups and monitoring, which explains the early detection and rapid treatment," says Bragman. 

He adds: "Ms. Grammer expresses gratitude to all the amazing health care professionals who have taken such loving and nurturing care of her. She urges all women to be aware of genetic factors relating to women's cancers and get regular checkups." 

Endometrial cancer, which affects the lining of the uterus, is the most common cancer of the female reproductive system, reports, with 49,600 cases occurring each year in the US. It's not known what causes it, and there is no reliable screening system to detect the disease but risk factors include hormone imbalance, high blood pressure and diabetes. 

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Uterine Cancer Awareness Month 2013

Greetings everyone! As you know it’s that time of year again Uterine Cancer Awareness Month (Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month) and we are asking each and every one of you to help support our Fight Against Uterine Cancer and help us raise awareness. This year we are keeping with our tradition turning our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page Peach. I will update with a more detailed post regarding the events and activities this month. It is my goal that this will be our last Cyber only Awareness Month, next year I would like us to hold our first meet and greet whether it’s 10 ladies or 200 ladies I want us to come together.I am looking for 10 ladies  to help plan and execute the events for 2014.  I’ve had several people interested in our first post regarding a meet and greet  so if you are interested in our meet and greet for 2014 please email me your contact information to If you are interested in helping plan please email me or send me a message via Facebook. Please follow us on Instagram @uterinecancerawareness and twitter @uterine_cancer for updates also. If you would like to share photos for us to post on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook of your support for Uterine Cancer Awareness tag us in your photo #uterinecancerawareness or email your photo to Have a great and safe holiday weekend!

Twitter: @uterine_cancer
Instagram: @uterinecancerawareness

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

One Team One Goal Champion Award winners recognized at Foundation Gala

While researching information on Uterine Cancer and putting together ideas for our event in 2014 I ran across an article that featured me as the recipient for the One Team One Goal award and also our sisters in the UK Deb and Kaz who also received the same award this makes me so proud to know we are breaking ground in an area that was barely recognized years ago. Below I will share the article write up.

One Team One Goal Champion Award winners recognized at Foundation Gala

For the first time at an Annual Meeting, SGO’s international partners were recognized with the One Team One Goal Champion Awards at the second annual Foundation for Gynecologic Oncology Celebration Gala. Last year SGO joined the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and One Team One Goal is SGO’s worldwide coalition-building campaign that unites all gynecologic oncology practice and advocacy groups in signing and supporting the UICC World Cancer Declaration.
SGO and Foundation President Ronald D. Alvarez, MD, presented the One Team One Goal Champion Awards to the following individuals and organizations that best reflect One Team One Goal’s mission of leadership and collaboration:
·         Brazil’s Associação do Combate ao Câncer do Centro Oeste de Minas (ACCCOM) received the One Team One Goal Advocacy Champion for South America. ACCCOM was founded in 1995 and its mission is to provide prevention, treatment and care for cancer patients and their families in the Alto San Francisco region of Brazil. Angelica Rodrigues, MD, PhD, of the Brazilian Cancer Institute joined SGO two years ago and has single-handedly launched the South American One Team One Goal campaign with ACCCOM in Brazil.
·         The One Team One Goal Advocacy Champion for Europe went to two uterine cancer survivors from the United Kingdom. Kaz Molloy and Debra Parry represent Womb Cancer Support UK, which offers support to women with uterine (womb) cancer and seeks to raise awareness about the disease.
·         Womb Cancer Support UK’s “Peach Sister” in the United States is Alicia Currie, a 29-year-old uterine cancer survivor who founded Uterine Cancer Awareness in Memphis, TN. For her efforts, Currie was awarded the One Team One Goal Advocacy Champion for North America.
·         SGO awarded the One Team One Goal Practice Champion to the International Gynecologic Cancer Society (IGCS) for their work on behalf of women who are diagnosed with and treated for gynecologic cancers.
SGO presented additional awards during the opening ceremony of the 44th Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer. Award recipients were recognized for their contributions in the areas of science, innovation, humanitarianism, and public service. Read more about these awards in the official press release.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We Need Your Help

Each day I encounter individuals, groups, and different organizations spreading awareness for their cause. I understand building a solid foundation and support network takes time and patience and believe me when I say I have had many doors closed before me when presenting ideas or possible partnerships for Uterine Cancer alone. Here is where you come in, I oversee many of the operations for my group, page and twitter alone, also corresponding with different organizations for possible joint ventures I see so many people who want to help spread awareness for Uterine Cancer the issue stands that when it is time to execute the participation disappears. I am reaching out to each of you, I understand you have busy lives but for those that can I would love to have you become a part of our support network. What Uterine/Endometrial Cancer is lacking is a strong support network and strong backing to reach the audience that I have envisioned for us. We are all passionate about something and for my peach ladies many of us have complained that there is a lack of support, information, a foundation for us specifically. I know that we will not see results overnight but I have plenty of roles that are crucial for us to be successful and do not require a lot of time. We are planning an event for 2014 and if anyone is interested in being on the committee, helping plan, helping with registration and creating the registration packets, fundraiser (These are examples and there are plenty of smaller roles) etc. please email me at Again I appreciate all of you but anyone knows that one person can’t stand alone to do this, let’s look at the strong support for breast, ovarian, and cervical cancer they didn’t start off strong it took individuals and dedication to reach the audience they have. We may not be there yet but with everyone’s help we can be. I appreciate your consideration! “We hold the power to reach mass audiences and spread awareness for Uterine Cancer”

Oral Cancer Awareness Month, Showing Support For My Dad

As some of you are aware April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month and I know this has absolutely nothing to do with Uterine Cancer, however it hits close to home for me. Two years prior to me being diagnosed with Uterine Cancer my father was diagnosed with tongue cancer. Cancer had affected my family prior but of course this hit close to home. I remember the day I found out my father had cancer I thought my whole world would end. My father is my heart and I have always been a daddy’s girl but through my father’s battle I learned cancer is not necessarily a death sentence, but I will admit I was scared. After researching Oral Cancer I understood most are caught in the later stages, when the symptoms do show up it’s normally advanced.  Most Oral Cancer patient’s are heavy smokers and drinkers, however my father fell into the small percentage that are unexplained. He never smoked and was only a light drinker in his early 20’s. He noticed a lump in his throat, which prompted him to make a doctor’s appointment, he was then referred to an oncologist who confirmed after extensive testing he had tongue cancer and they had caught it in the early stages. He went through a grueling round of radiation, I watched him completely change physically, he was dark from radiation, frail because he couldn’t eat anything other than Jell-O and few other items however the food list was short. I remember Christmas one year he was so weak he couldn’t participate in our traditional family Christmas Eve dinner it broke my heart because deep down I couldn’t help thinking it may be his last with us. As I am writing this I am filled with emotions…but it’s of joy because with God’s grace my father not only won his battle with Tongue Cancer, he is now in his fifth year of remission!

I do so much to advocate and spread awareness for Uterine Cancer, but you never know how his story could benefit someone else. With the help of my family we were able to surprise my dad with Oral Cancer Awareness support t-shirts, pins, and a survivor t-shirt for him. I have decided to share a few pictures and also I will have information regarding Oral Cancer in a separate post. I will also say this, Your body will tell you when something is wrong PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THE SIGNS! Trust YOU with YOUR LIFE trust your instincts and seek second and even third opinions after all IT’S YOUR LIFE IN YOUR HANDS!  So for the month of April I am showing support for my hero, one of the most important and influential men in my life, the man who helped make me the person I am today…my father. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!